Futureland: John Kippin And Chris Wainwright


Futureland: John Kippin And Chris Wainwright
The Laing Gallery, Newcastle (2012)

Really thought provoking exhibition with beautiful photography and film combined, reflecting on post industrial landscapes and unresolved issues from the past and the present. The idea that a contemporary photographer can now document these issues using a camera as the underline tool. As a society we seem to forget our past, the history of our landscapes, what they mean and how they were created. I sat in the Laing Gallery in newcastle for a good half an hour watching the film I came out of the gallery looking at Newcastle with fresh eyes.

"The current economic situation closely parallels that of the 1980s with a major reassessment of the roles of the public and private sectors being undertaken. Futureland Now is both a catalyst for reflection on the past and a farsighted indication of an ambiguous and indefinite future." 

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